MIT Water Summit 2017: Water-Food Nexus

As populations continue to grow and demand for food rises, the role of water in meeting future food needs will become increasingly critical. This year’s MIT Water Summit will focus on issues at the heart of the food-water nexus, reflecting on the role of water in food production – both in agriculture and aquaculture – and the innovation, policy, and technologies required to support healthy and sustainable communities.

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Monday, November 6th
Watering Our Crops

8:00 am - Breakfast & Networking Session
9:00 am - Intro to the Water-Food Nexus by Prof. Chandra Madramootoo (Director, McGill Water Innovation Lab)
9:45 am - Keynote by Rajiv Singh (CEO, Rabobank North America)
10:30 am - Panel: Groundwater Resources
12:00 pm - Lunch & Networking Session
1:30 pm - Panel: Surface Water Pollution
3:20 pm - Panel: Uncertain Water Future
4:50 pm - Reception, Poster Session, & Technology Showcase

Tuesday, November 7th
Growing Our Protein

8:00 am - Breakfast & Networking Session
9:00 am - Keynote by Dr. Christopher Briggs (Executive Director, Water Footprint Network)
9:45 am - Panel: Meat
11:40 am - Panel: Aquaculture
1:00 pm - Lunch & Water Career Panel
2:30 pm - Panel: The Path Forward
4:00 pm - Reception & Water Career Networking Session

The MIT Water Summit is a gathering of students and faculty from MIT and the greater Boston area as well as leaders from industry, finance, government, and academia organized annually by the MIT Water Club to explore current problems and potential solutions surrounding water resources.