Aarti Dwivedi

Aarti is a PhD student in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT. Prior to attending MIT, she completed Integrated Masters in Technology in Geophysics at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Her research is in crustal deformation, and she has done field work and studied hydrological systems in Antarctica, and St. Lucia.

Yvana Ahdab

Yvana is PhD student in the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering, working on batch reverse osmosis systems for water desalination. She completed her SM at MIT on the minimum energy requirements for groundwater desalination in the continental United States. Prior to attending MIT, Yvana received her BS in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. As an undergraduate, she conducted research on the effects of chemical treatment and ocean currents on oil dispersion and worked on the development of an energy harvesting cooling device.


Alexandre Tuel

Alexandre is a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT. He joined the Eltahir Group in 2016 to work on a project focusing on climate change in Morocco and the Mediterranean. He is trying to explain why the Mediterranean is such a climate change hotspot, and what different dynamics are at play in this large region to reduce precipitation in climate models. Prior to coming to MIT, Alexandre obtained a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Engineering from École Polytechnique.


Andrew Bouma

Andrew received his bachelor’s degree in engineering with a mechanical concentration from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his S.M in mechanical engineering from MIT. He is now working on his PhD at MIT, studying the energy efficiency and thermodynamics of desalination and brine concentration technologies. “I’ve enjoyed working with all the passionate and curious people involved with the Water Club. Thinking about and working on water issues that go far beyond the scope of my research topic has helped me to better understand the bigger picture and context in which I’m working and helped me to make valuable connections outside my own research area.”

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Somesh Mohapatra

Somesh Mohapatra is a current PhD Candidate at Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He completed his BTech courses in 3 years in 2017, and tried his hands at Bioinformatics in Okinawa (Japan), a government job at UIDAI, and algorithmic trading in Singapore, before diving into the PhD program in the Summer of 2018. Apart from the labs, he can be found on the squash court, sailing on the Charles, cooking in the kitchen or immersed in a discussion on contemporary relevance of spirituality and philosophy at MIT.


Ana Guedes

Ana is a Civil Engineer and has recently finished her master's degree in hydraulics and sanitary engineering at the São Carlos School of Engineering – University of São Paulo (Brazil). Her research is focused on groundwater mechanics and concerns a theoretical and small-scale experimental study of a high permeability vertical barrier to encapsulate contaminated areas in aquifers.

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Quantum Wei

Quantum is a PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, studying energy-efficient water desalination.  His current work focuses on batch reverse osmosis systems.  He is also interested in science policy and public outreach.  He earned his SM and SB at MIT in mechanical engineering.